Date Ideas to Try During the Winter

30 Fun Date Ideas to Try During the Winter

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean there aren’t any enjoyable activities to do! Some of us like the cold and some of us don’t, so I came up with fun date ideas to do both inside and outside.

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So, cuddling up for a Netflix binge night or building a snowman that turns into a snowball fight. Dates are just as fun in the winter as they are in any other season.

If you don’t live in a state or country that produces snow in the winter time, the fun date ideas I listed below are still entertaining regardless of what the weather brings. I hope you can find some inspiration for your next special date.

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30 Fun Date Ideas to Try During the Winter
30 Fun Date Ideas to Try During the Winter

Bake Cookies

Bake your favorite cookies together. Gingerbread, chocolate chip, peanut butter. Yum, my mouth is already watering!

Coffee Shop Date

Take a trip to your local coffee shop. Sit, talk, sip, and relax while enjoying each others company.

Build A Fort

Remember those times when you were young and built forts out of anything you could find around your house? Take a walk through memory lane and build a fort with your partner. After, you can watch movies all while laughing and having a great time.

Go to the Theater

Attend a comedy show, play, or concert. Make it a date by having dinner at a restaurant before the event.

Make a Gingerbread House

Bake the gingerbread cookies and make the frosting. Make sure to get lots of candies for the decorations(and for snacking on after!)

Go Ice Skating

Head over to your local indoor or outdoor ice skating rink. Try to keep count of who falls the least amount of times.

Play Video Games

Stay in your pajamas, order pizza, and play your favorite video games all night.

Board Game Night

If video games aren’t your thing, grab some board games. Make it a double date and invite some friends over.

Karaoke at the Bar

Practice your singing skills when a bar is hosting a karaoke night. This will surely bring an abundance of laughs.

Indoor Miniature Golf

This is a classic idea. Miniature golf arenas are literally everywhere. Give it a try!

Snowball Fight

Bundle up and head outside for a fun snowball fight. A park is a great place for extra space and more snow.

Go to a Poetry Reading

Nothing is more romantic than poetry. If you have the confidence, create your own poem to showcase at the event.

Take a Cooking Class

Increase your skills by attending a cooking class. Both your partner and you will be happy. The more you learn the better food you will be cooking in the future.

Have a Movie Night

Rent some movies, go on a Netflix binge, and eat yummy junk food. My favorite food for our movie nights is ice cream!

Indoor Water Park/Pool

When you can’t swim in an outside pool, go to an indoor one. Being able to swim in the winter is so much fun. Just make sure that you are fully dry before going outside in the cold. Brrr

Attend a Hockey Game

Fun for both males and females. Grab a beer, hot dog, and enjoy the game.

View Christmas Lights

Drive around your city and see all the beautiful Christmas lights everyone displays on their houses. Your local newspaper will usually have the best ones listed.

Go on a Carriage Ride

Drink some hot chocolate while cuddling together on the carriage. Listen to the sound of the horse’s hooves hitting the concrete.

Go Bowling

Invite some friends and go bowling. Neon bowling nights are the best!

Skiing or Snowboarding

If there is a resort close to you, take advantage and have a fun day of skiing or snowboarding. If there isn’t one close, you can organize a whole trip to a mountain town.

Couples Yoga

Yoga is very relaxing and a great intimate date idea. Check for different classes available. My favorite is when the room is heated and there is a meditation section at the very end. You will walk out feeling awake and revitalized.

Decorate for the Holidays Together

Listen to holiday music while putting together your Christmas tree or hang lights outside of your house.

Build a Snowman

Grab some rocks, sticks, buttons, a carrot, and a scarf. Head outside and build a snowman. You can each create your own or work on one together.

Go to an Aquarium

Learn about all the different species in our oceans. Take pictures so you can remember how much fun you had on your date.

Attend a Wine Tasting Event

Go on a tour or do some wine tasting. Have some dinner afterward. Something about wine screams romantic to me.

Winter Photo Shoot

Gather your family and take winter pictures together. Those memories will last forever.

Spa Day

Go to a spa and relax. Schedule a couples massage and leave all your stress at the door.

Cook a Romantic Dinner at Home

Light candles, break out the wine, and enjoy a romantic evening to yourselves.

Indoor Paintball or Laser Tag

Ladies if you don’t enjoy getting hit by paintball’s, convince your partner to do laser tag. It is less painful and just as much fun!

Go Sledding or Tubing

Find a hill, grab a sled, and slide all day long.

Who says winter is boring!? Do you have a suggestion for fun date ideas to do in the winter? Comment in the section below, my husband and I would love to try some new activities for our dates.

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