Homemade Lavender Wax Melts for Aromatherapy

Homemade Lavender Wax Melts for Aromatherapy

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As I’m writing this tutorial, I have a lavender wax melt in my warmer as we speak. Let me tell you, it smells sooooo good!

Lavender essential oil is one of my favorites, not just for the smell, but for its aromatherapy benefits as well.

Lavender is a naturally calming scent that can relieve stress and anxiety. It can also be used for easing headaches, migraines, emotional distress, and depression.

What’s not to love!?

When it comes to my home, I enjoy keeping a good smelling house whenever possible. Something about a nice scent makes me feel comfortable and at home.

I usually purchase wax melts that are sold in department stores. Don’t get me wrong those smell wonderful too. But I would so much rather make my own using essential oils for a more natural feeling.

Any chance I get to use natural ingredients, I jump right on it!

Lavender Wax Melts
Lavender Wax Melts

These Homemade Lavender Wax Melts for Aromatherapy uses soy wax flakes for a faster melting time.

Now before you scroll down and look at the recipe, I’ll let you know now that 100 drops of essential oils are used.

Seems like a lot doesn’t it?

Wax is a heavy ingredient. Meaning it can easily mask aromas. I find that 100 drops for two cups of soy wax flakes is the perfect amount to be able to smell and enjoy your Homemade Lavender Wax Melts for Aromatherapy.

It’s not too strong, but not too faint either. Just right!

I add lavender buds to my wax melts as they contain just as a potent smell as an essential oil does. And any excuse to use real flowers, I will.

If you don’t have a wax warmer, take a look at my DIY Cucumber Mint Mason Jar Candle for a nice fresh aroma!

Below I have included free labels that you can download, print, and use for your amazing creations. Great for storage or gifting to that special someone.

  • I included 2 different sizes depending on the type of jar you plan on using.
  • I use these Avery Full Sheet Stickers for all of my handmade health & beauty products.


  • 2 cups Natural Soy Wax Flakes
  • 100 drops Lavender Essential Oil
  • Lavender Flower Buds
  • Silicone Mold


  1. In the microwave or double broiler melt soy wax flakes, stirring occasionally.
  2. Transfer to a pyrex glass measuring cup and add the drops of lavender essential oil. Mix.
  3. Slowly pour into silicone molds. Fill about 3/4 way to the top.
  4. Add lavender buds to each wax melt. If they don’t happen to sink, slightly push down with a toothpick.
  5. Wait 1-2 hours for wax melts to fully dry. Stick in the fridge for a faster drying time.
  6. Carefully pop out from your molds and place one in your warmer.
Homemade Lavender Wax Melts for Aromatherap
Homemade Lavender Wax Melts for Aromatherap

As your Homemade Lavender Wax Melts, you’ll start to smell the beautiful aroma and feel all the benefits that come with it.

This recipe makes about 10 wax medium sized wax melts.

Use these in your bedroom right before going to sleep and you’ll feel relaxed and calm in no time.

Lavender is my favorite essential oil for getting the best nights sleep!

If you have any questions about making your very own wax melts, comment in the section below. I am always happy to help.

How did yours come out and are you using these melts for its natural aromatherapy benefits?

This recipe makes about 10 wax medium sized wax melts.

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