How to Store Your Favorite Essential Oil the Right Way

How to Store Your Favorite Essential Oil the Right Way!

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There are many I love, but if I had to choose, it would be between lavender and eucalyptus. I use lavender at night to unwind for a good nights sleep.

During the day, eucalyptus helps me stay motivated when I have so many things on my list to do. I actually have eucalyptus and sweet orange in my diffuser as I am writing right now.

Take a look at how I make lotion bars with lavender and orange essential oil.

It wasn’t until about five months ago when I learned I was storing my essential oils all wrong. I had them pushed in a little drawer laying flat on their sides.

While taking them out to use them, it always crossed my mind, what if one of them leaks? That would be a horrible waste of an expensive essential oil!

Even though none of them had leaked yet, I wasn’t about to wait and let it happen. After all, essential oils aren’t all that cheap.

So, I did some research online and found some awesome tips. I will be sharing how to store an essential oil the right way and why you need to start doing this today.

Keep Away From Heat

Heat has the ability to change the chemical balance and cause essential oils to evaporate at a faster pace.

If you have yours placed by a window, move them. Sometimes it’s not so noticeable, but sunlight can peek through windows causing the light to shine on the oils.

Do you make your own blends of essential oil? I recommend putting them in an amber colored glass bottle. This will keep ultra-violet light from hitting your oils.

I never noticed before, but that is why all the essential oils you purchase from big companies come in amber glass bottles.


Essential oils are super flammable, just like alcohol is. So when you are curling your hair in the bathroom, please please keep your curling iron away from your oils if you have them on, let’s say your bathroom counter.

When you’re making a recipe in your kitchen that includes essential oils, make sure you stay clear of placing the oil right by the stove.

The last thing we want is a fire. I know some of you are thinking, “Well duh.” Haha

No Plastic Bottles

If you’re making your own blends, don’t store in plastic bottles. The essential oil will slowly eat away at the plastic.

Though having the right amount of carrier oil included, a plastic bottle should be fine.

Carrier oils come from vegetarian sources. They are great for diluting an essential oil when making a product. Some examples of carrier oils are coconut oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter.

Take a look at all the great benefits of coconut oil for the skin.

Your Favorite Essential Oil
Your Favorite Essential Oil

 Store in a Cool Place

Storing essential oils in a cool place will decrease oxidation. Especially citrus oils, they are known to oxidate at a faster pace.

Before I had my carrier box in the basement. It was a hassle to walk downstairs all the time, so I moved them to the fridge.

Yes, the refrigerator! A temperature between 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit is good.

To fully take advantage of this trick, store the essential oils right after the first opening. Then before using, allow the oil to warm by rolling in between your hands.

Food products can start to smell and taste like essential oils, so find a shelf that isn’t too close to any meals. Many experts recommend having the oils in a closed box, as I will show you below.

Other Handy Tips

The shelf like of citrus oils is approximately 1-2 years. Most other oils are approximately 1-4 years.

Keep bottles closed with the cap when not in use. Oxygen is what starts oxidation.

Keep your essential oils away from babies and children. They can be very harmful when ingested. Store in a high place, so they can’t reach them.

 Now For the Fun Part!

I recommended above that if you store your essential oils in the refrigerator you will want to have a closed box. Or just to have the oils stand upright, so they don’t leak.(As in my case) It’s important to store your favorite essential oil the right way so they last for a longer period of time!This natural pine essential oil box holds (36) 5 to 15ML bottles. I love the graphic this box has on the inside and outside. If purple isn’t your thing, the padding is removable. It comes with bonus cap stickers which is awesome. This makes it easier to find certain essential oils without having to grab each one. (Find It Here)Do you have more than 36 bottles to store? Then this is your box! The wooden storage case holds (58) 5 to 15ML bottles and(12) 10ML roller bottles. This box also includes removable foam. It’s perfect for having all your oils in the same place. (FindIt Here)Now if you are an essential oil addict like me or make many of your own blends, this box is perfect! It stores (75) 5 to 15ML bottles including 12 spaces for 10ML roller bottles. If you have larger than 15ML bottles you can remove the roller part to store the bigger ones.

I have 30ML bottles of some of my favorite essential oils, so I could lay them flat in the upper left corner. I know I am trying to stay clear of laying my bottles down, but if that means I can have all of them in one spot I’ll do it. (Find It Here)
This essential oil wooden box holds (45) 5 to 15ML bottles and (14) 10ML roller bottles. The outside is pretty plain, but that gives you the chance to decorate to your liking! Paint, draw, or whatever your heart desires.

There are three bonuses that come with this one. Cap stickers, droppers, and an aromatherapy E-book. This is a larger box and doesn’t have a handle at the top, so it might be difficult to haul around. (Find It Here)How fancy! Even though it only holds (12) 15ML bottles, I am in love. It is made out of 100% onyx stone and comes with a small tray. Other optional colors include white, gray, tan, and a black. (Find It Here)Say what? Yes, there is a matching stand for roller bottles. I don’t know about you, but this has me super excited! The stand holds (10) 10ML rollers. This is a great way to brag and show off your oils to friends and family. You will be looking like a professional in no time. (Find It Here)

Now that was fun. Remember to keep your oils away from heat, they are flammable. No plastic bottles unless mixed with a carrier oil and make sure to store in a cool place. Most importantly keep your oils away from kids. How do you store your favorite essential oil?

How to Store Your Favorite Essential Oil the Right Way
How to Store Your Favorite Essential Oil the Right Way

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