Calendula Solar Infused Oil Recipe – Simply Earth Subscription Box June 2020

In this post, I review the Simply Earth Subscription Box for June 2020 and explain how to make your very own Calendula Solar Infused Oil Recipe.

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If you’ve been to my blog before, there is no surprise that I love essential oils! I use them in my everyday life. Whether I’m cleaning my countertops with my favorite DIY cleaning spray or lathering a natural body butter onto my skin after a shower, you will find me with an essential oil at hand.

Have a problem? There’s an oil for that!

Even when I’m not in the kitchen experimenting with a new health/beauty recipe, I have my diffuser on with a lovely blend of essential oils. Yes, I love my essential oils!

What is Simply Earth?

Simply Earth is a monthly subscription box that includes four different essential oils, six natural recipe cards, and all the toxin-free ingredients you need to make those recipes.

AND your very first month, you’ll receive a Big Bonus Box for free. If you subscribe for the first time using my code SWEETNATURESBEAUTYFREE, you will receive a current month’s Essential Oil Recipe Box, the Big Bonus Box, and a $40 gift card which you can use for future purchases.

I love how easy Simply Earth makes it for you to create your very own DIY natural products. You receive everything you need in ONE box! This month’s box theme is the Oily Aid Kit. The recipes are perfect for minor aches and pains.

Keep scrolling for instructions on how to make the Calendula Solar Infused Oil Recipe.


About Simply Earth:

  • Quality oils for under half the price. They sell pure oils to you directly. No middlemen, no up-charges.
  • Every batch of 100% pure essential oil is sourced from small, ethical farms.
  • Every batch is GC/MS tested for purity and composition.
  • Their unadulterated oils have no added fragrance or fillers.
  • Simply Earth donates 13% of their profits to organizations who help find, rescue, and restore victims of human trafficking.
  • Apart from their monthly subscription box, they also sell essential oils, essential oil blends, roll-ons, carrier oils, jewelry, and diffusers.

How the Subscription Box Works:

  • Simply Earth offers a super fun, easy monthly essential oils recipe box subscription!
  • For just $39/ month, you get 4 x 15ml essential oils, six recipe cards on how to use those oils, and extra ingredients you’ll need to make those DIYs.
  • Simply Earth’s return policy is a full year (365 days).
  • Shipping is free for continental U.S. states on orders $29 and up.

What’s in the Box for June 2020?

  • Essential Oils
    • Bumps & Booboos: Kills germs and heals skin
    • Cardamom: Digestion, alertness, warming, pain relief, decongestant
    • Lavender: Relieves pain, calms, kills germs, heals skin, deodorizes, and relieves allergies
    • Timber: Calms and supports skin health
  • Recipe Cards
    • Calendula Solar Infused Oil
    • Skin Healing Gel
    • Burn Salve
    • Sleek & Smooth Shaving Butter
    • Digest Help Roll-On
    • No Stress Diffuser Blend
  • Extras
    • Dried Calendula Flowers
    • Aloe Vera Gel

Calendula Solar Infused Oil Recipe:

  • Ingredients
    • 0.1 ounce dried calendula flowers
    • 3/4 cup(approx.) avocado oil or other carrier oil
    • Cheesecloth or fine mesh sieve
    • 6-8 ounce clear, airtight jar
  • Instructions:
    • Lightly pack flowers into the bottom of the jar.
    • Cover flowers with carrier oil until there’s about one inch of oil above the flowers.
    • Seal jar and place in a sunny window. Let sit for 2-3 weeks shaking the mixture daily.
    • If the jar is not airtight, some oil may evaporate. If this happens, add more oil to the infusion.
    • Once the oil is infused, remove plant material by pouring the mixture through a fine-mesh sieve or cheesecloth.
    • To use, apply this oil to burns, slow-healing wounds, and insect bites. Or, use it as a carrier oil in other recipes such as the burn salve in this month’s box.

What’s in the Bonus Box?

The bonus box consists of extra ingredients that you may need for this month’s box and future boxes. Included is, almond oil, fractionated(liquid) coconut oil, unrefined(hard) coconut oil, beeswax, six roll-on bottles, and 6 x 5ml bottles.


Why I LOVE Simply Earth:

This is my first time making an herbal infused oil such as the Calendula Solar Infused Oil Recipe. I’ve been wanting to try and make them for a while and I’m so glad this box has finally taught me how!

I didn’t even need to run out and buy the ingredients needed. Everything came nicely packed in the subscription box. I did happen to already have avocado oil, but as listed in the recipe, coconut oil will work too. Even better, I have five other natural recipes I can dabble with and make.

Remember, if you subscribe for the first time using my code SWEETNATURESBEAUTYFREE, you will receive a current month’s Essential Oil Recipe box, the Big Bonus Box, and a $40 gift card which you can use for future purchases. If you’re happy with your subscription box, feel free to share my code, with all your friends and family so they can hop in on the fun too!

I hope you have fun making your very own creations! If you have any questions, please comment in the section below. I am always happy to help.


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