DIY Rustic Christmas Ornaments – With Twine

These Rustic Christmas Ornaments made from twine are fairly easy and cheap to make!

I look for any excuse to use twine in a DIY craft. I love twine. It’s cheap and the finished product usually looks like something you would buy at a home store.

That professional!

With Christmas right around the corner, what perfect way to make some ornaments for the tree this year.

My tree color scheme is red and a light green color. So I used some red and green decorative string for accents. I wanted to give these Rustic Christmas Ornaments a pop of color.

Rustic Christmas Ornaments

The best thing about a Christmas tree is that you can decorate it however you want! There are many color combinations that look great together, other than the standard red and green.

Is your tree decorated in brown? Use a darker brown ribbon for the accents. Brown and beige pair really nice.

Maybe your tree is purple? Oh how I have been dreaming to make my tree’s color scheme purple. Hint: My favorite color is purple. Use some purple string or yarn for your Rustic Christmas Ornaments.

The possibilities are endless!

I repurposed white ornaments that I had sitting in my basement and will probably never use, or you can purchase clear glass ornaments at the store. It won’t matter what color the actual ornament is because you will be covering the whole thing with twine.

This project is easy, but I will admit a little time-consuming. So make sure to take a couple hours out of your day to relax and enjoy making your lovely ornaments.


  • Round Clear Glass Ornaments
  • Brown Twine
  • Decorative String, Yarn, or Ribbon
  • Tacky Glue
  • Hot Glue Gun – Sticks

Rustic Christmas Ornaments


Rustic Christmas Ornaments

Starting at the top of your ornament, glue the twine, going all the way around until you reach the bottom.

At first, I would only place glue on every other side. As I went on I found it easier to glue the whole ornament, going ALL the way around and then placing the twine over the glue.

The twine stuck better that way and I was able to move in a faster motion.

Rustic Christmas Ornaments

Once you start to get to the bottom of the ornament, it get’s a little tricky because you don’t have the round ledge to adhere and work with. Just go slow making sure your twine is drying to the glue and it will be pretty easy from there.

Now take your decorative string and place it wherever your heart desires! On this part, I used my hot glue gun.

Tie any type of string through the top loophole of your ornament and hang on your Christmas tree!

Rustic Christmas Ornaments

Pretty cool right?

You don’t even need to have a rustically themed tree to use these ornaments. They will go with anything.

What colors are you going to use for your Rustic Christmas Ornaments? Comment in the section below, I would love to hear about your creations!

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Rustic Christmas Ornaments

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