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Mint Lotion Bars
Mountain Mint Lotion Bars
Author: sweetnaturesbeauty.com
  • 3 oz Beeswax Pellets
  • 3 oz Unrefined Shea Butter
  • 3 oz Unrefined Coconut Oil
  • 2 tbsp Sweet Almond Oil
  • 20 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil
  • 7 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Mica Pigment Powder (optional for color)
  1. In a double boiler on medium heat melt the beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil.
  2. Transfer to a mixing bowl.
  3. Stir in the essential oils and mica pigment powder. Add the mica in small quantities until you get the color you desire. Be careful not to add too much or your lotion bar will be super sparkly once applied to the skin.
  4. Pour your mixture into silicone molds and wait to solidify for about 3-4 hours. If you are in a hurry, place your molds in the fridge for a faster drying time.
  5. Carefully pop out your lotion bars from the molds.